bobRobert “Bob” Bove was born and raised in Allen Park, Michigan. A graduate of Allen High School in Allen Park, Bob finished high school and went to work as a commercial and residential builder and developer. The founder of Bove Construction, Bob developed residential and commercial properties and neighborhoods for years around the metro Detroit area. Later, Bob specialized in high-end custom homes, some of which have been featured in magazines and trade journals. Bob even built and developed the Rockind Family home in which founder, Neil Rockind and his family reside. After several decades running Bove Construction, Bob started to scale back his construction work because his octogenerian uncle, Lee Bove, needed a live-in caregiver and Bob refused to allow his uncle to be placed into a residential or nursery home. Caring for his Uncle Lee became a labor of love for Bob — hard but rewarding work. Bob cared for Lee until Lee passed away and was with him until the very end.

While Bob resumed some construction work on several projects in the area and is still building homes to this day, he also began working for Rockind Law as our firm’s process server and file runner, serving subpoenas and filing pleadings and other important documents in the various courts in which we practice. Often overlooked by other firms or left in the hands of young summer interns, the job of running, filing and process serving is crucial to the practice of law. It requires someone who can handle problems when they arise and think on their feet but also someone who can pay attention to important details and not cut corners. We at Rockind Law are fortunate to have someone who has demonstrated an ability to run his own successful business where attention to detail is critical be our in-house process server and file runner. We are honored that Bob has offered his services to our firm in this capacity.