Attorney Asks Court To Drop Charges In Death Of Trooper
September 28, 2016 5:35 PM
PONTIAC (WWJ) – The man accused of killing Michigan State Police trooper Chad Wolf, by dragging him along I-75 last year, was in court Wednesday, with his attorney arguing that charges should be dropped.

Charles Warren Jr. sat before the judge as his attorney, Neil Rockind, argued to have two charges against him quashed.
“Mr. Warren is charged with leaving the scene of the accident – causing death — which is really a hit and run, that’s what that statue means. Also charged with reckless driving causing death, it’s our position that those two charges just do not fit the specific case,” said Rockind.
The state argued that Warren knew he hit something — sparks were flying and he should have pulled over – when Trooper Chad Wolf was hit on his police motorcycle – when Warren’s trailer allegedly hit him – dragging him for miles, killing him in August 2015.
Rockind contends this was an accident reports WWJ’s Laura Bonnell.
“This is an accident and criminal law is not suited for the prosecution of accidents,” said Rockind. “What should happen in this case, quite candidly, is that Trooper Wolf and his estate should probably be litigating the case against Mr. Warren’s insurance company.”
The court will render its decision on whether or not to dismiss the case by November 9.