Confronting An Apparent Gang Member On Cross Examination (Press – CG Newspaper)

Here is an article from the C&G Newspaper about the so-called Bar 7 Shooting case in which I cross examined a difficult witness, i.e., an apparent gang member that video evidence shows played a role in the incident.  Here is the article (enjoy): Bar 7 pretrial extended to fourth day, defense claims gang activity By Kayla Dimick SOUTHFIELD — The pretrial for the brothers accused of injuring three men during

A Dilute Peppers, What Does It Mean

It was all over my feed today: Jabril Peppers, Michigan star, tested positive with a dilute sample! Peppers tested positive! It was enough to make a scientist vomit or in my case, a trial lawyer (that loves science but hates the way that the police abuse it) rush to address it in this blog. A dilute is not a positive test. Period. End of discussion. Let me repeat myself: a

Identity Crisis: The State Denies It Is The Government Or The State

We know who the government is, right?  If you work for a city, county, state or the federal system, you are a part of the government.  Seems simple enough.  And while there are different levels of government, e.g., state or federal, they are most assuredly the government.  Only the government can prosecute citizens for crimes and seek their conviction and incarceration.  So, it’s pretty obvious to who is who … 

Court hears second day of Bar 7 shooting testimony, judge reduces bond (Press – CG Newspapers)

Court hears second day of Bar 7 shooting testimony, judge reduces bond SOUTHFIELD — Through tears, the family of brothers Alonzo Beckom and Carlos Beckum watched as Judge Shelia Johnson announced a bond reduction for the two men detained in connection with a shooting at a local bar. The brothers appeared before Johnson March 22 in 46th District Court for a continuation of their probable cause hearing from Feb. 15.

Questions of mental sanity for man suspected of shooting two Detroit officers (Press – WDIV)

DETROIT – The court is ordering a psychiatric evaluation of Raymond Durham, who is accused of shooting two Detroit officers earlier this week.   Durham’s family describes him as schizophrenic, but mental illness may not help in keeping him out of prison. Durham allegedly opened fire on the two officers and then took off running, hiding himself and preparing for another attack. “It’s a very good argument that he fled

Can I Switch Lawyers?

How to avoid this question by hiring the right lawyer from the start

Be careful.  I can’t stress this enough.  So many people hire the wrong lawyer to start their case and then at the 11th hour, they decide to change lawyers … to improve their position … to get the right person involved.  While you can always change lawyers, be mindful that you should treat your case seriously from the start by hiring the right lawyer from the start. Hire the right

Neil Rockind featured in the Macomb Daily (Press)

Medical marijuana on the rise in Macomb County A portion of the marijuana that was seized by Sterling Heights police at a city home Wednesday. City police say they will issue citations for any location not registered in Sterling Heights. Photo provided by Sterling Heights Police Department As the number of medical marijuana caregivers and patients in Macomb County and across Michigan continues to increase, more changes are in the

Neil Rockind on Guy Gordon Show on WJR (Press – Audio)

If you thought that Neil Rockind could only discuss criminal defenses cases, you were wrong.  As a noted legal expert and analyst, Rockind provides legal analysis of a wide variety of subjects beyond his area of concentration, criminal defense.  Rockind has commented on cases involving consumer fraud, personal injury, government misconduct and even issues like the Trump Administration’s travel ban and the lawsuits filed against the administration over the legality

Legal Expert Neil Rockind talks with Guy Gordon of WJR-760 AM about the Trump Lawsuits

Today, Guy Gordon, afternoon host on WJR-760 AM, the voice of the Great Lakes, interviewed legal expert Neil Rockind, founder of Rockind Law, regarding the lawsuit between the State of Washington and President Trump.  Rockind has been a continuing critic of the travel ban and volunteered to defend people that were detained at Detroit-Metro Airport due to the ban.  Rockind has been a loud and repeated critic of the ban

Rockind Law in the Macomb Daily

Rockind Law and Neil Rockind were featured an another article recently.  This time it was coverage of Rockind’s volunteering to participate in defending individuals impacted by the travel ban.  Here is the article in the Macomb Daily.