New medical marijuana laws could boost business and municipal revenues (Press – The Oakland Press)

New medical marijuana laws could boost business and municipal revenues By Charles Crumm, The Oakland Press Key Dates in the evolution of medical marijuana in Michigan: • 2008 – Michigan voters approve a ballot question legalizing medical marijuana with 63 percent support, becoming the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana. • 2010 – Dispensaries begin to appear in 2010, followed by municipal bans on medical marijuana and police raids on

Federal Supervised Release Violation Dismissed

Several months ago, a client came to us after hearing about my cross examination abilities and style.  He wanted “the Rocket,” which is what he called me when he came in to hire me.  To make matters worse, he was on federal supervised release at the time of the alleged offense.  The federal court issued a notice of violation which is akin to a parole or probation violation hearing and

Michigan’s Top Court Looking At Porch Shooting Trial (Press – Commentary)

Michigan’s top court looking at porch shooting trial By ED WHITE Associated Press Jan 25, 2017 DETROIT (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court is zeroing in on jury instructions in the case of a man who killed an unarmed woman on his porch in suburban Detroit — a key step that might eventually upset the second-degree murder conviction in the high-profile 2014 trial. Theodore Wafer wanted an instruction that said

Charges dismissed against Hazel Park pawnshop owner (Press – Daily Tribune)

Despite some lawyer crowing on about dismissals on social media, they are few and far between.  We cherish them because they are rare.  Our client received a just result this week.  Mike McConnell of the Daily Tribune and The Oakland Press did an excellent job covering this case in which Rockind Law defended the owner of a pawn shop.  When the charges were authorized, he wrote articles about the case

Sentence for accused ‘greedy butcher’ surgeon ‘truly up for grabs’ (Press – WDIV)

egal expert weighs in on Dr. Aria Sabit's impending punishment

Sentence for accused ‘greedy butcher’ surgeon ‘truly up for grabs’ Legal expert weighs in on Dr. Aria Sabit’s impending punishment     DETROIT – Sentencing day is looming for Dr. Aria Sabit, whom prosecutors have called a greedy butcher, in reference to his willingness to perform unnecessary spinal surgeries in order to line his pockets with millions of dollars in cash. “There is no other explanation to what he did

Rockind Law Takes On Defense In Bar 7 Shooting Case

Rockind Law and Neil Rockind have undertaken the defense of one of two brothers in the Bar 7 shooting case in Southfield, Michigan.  The story has received a lot of media attention and coverage in the news.  CandG News covered the hearing in this article: Bond reduction denied for Bar 7 shooting suspects Trial set for February By Kayla Dimick Posted December 21, 2016 SOUTHFIELD — The two brothers who

Rockind Law And Client Stand Our Ground In Forfeiture Case And Prevail

Noel Erinjeri, our client and I refuse to pay a ransom for property wrongfully seized

Today, Rockind Law is proud to report that we have won a stand-off with the a local municipality that had illegally seized and withheld our client’s property. It is a testament to our client’s willingness to fight for what he believed was right and our willingness to refuse to compromise and engage in a stand-off with the government. In the end, the government blinked and our client won. You ready

Press: Medical Marijuana Program Fees Paying For Enforcement (Metro Times)

Medical marijuana fees fund Michigan’s War on Drugs By Lee DeVito @leedevito It turns out that Michigan’s medical marijuana patient fees — the $60, (previously $100) two-year cost for most patients — have made the Michigan Medical Marihuana Fund flush with cash. And to return the favor, state law enforcement has tapped that fund to aggressively crack down on marijuana. It’s like a snake eating its own tail — or

Victory In Conspiracy Case: Client Thanks

It was a daunting task: client charged with conspiracy in a major controlled substance case.  He faced prison. A lot of prison.  He’s home now.  After a hotly contested couple of days, the charges were dismissed.  Our client took time to reflect and then sent us some kind thanks:  Man just wanted to tell you thanks again you help me stay home with my children and family and that means

Rush To Judgment: An Analysis Of Public Comments Following The Arrest Of A Man In The Wayne State University Police Shooting Case

State acknowledges that man was wrongly arrested and charged

The public had rushed to judgment of DeAngelo Davis, the man wrongly arrested for the murder of Wayne State University officer Colin Rose.  A look at some of the comments on new sites reveals an ugly and often times racist rush to judge Davis guilty before anyone had ever looked at the evidence in his case.  This is scary stuff for those facing trials in challenging and difficult cases with