Victory In Conspiracy Case: Client Thanks

It was a daunting task: client charged with conspiracy in a major controlled substance case.  He faced prison. A lot of prison.  He’s home now.  After a hotly contested couple of days, the charges were dismissed.  Our client took time to reflect and then sent us some kind thanks:  Man just wanted to tell you thanks again you help me stay home with my children and family and that means

Rush To Judgment: An Analysis Of Public Comments Following The Arrest Of A Man In The Wayne State University Police Shooting Case

State acknowledges that man was wrongly arrested and charged

The public had rushed to judgment of DeAngelo Davis, the man wrongly arrested for the murder of Wayne State University officer Colin Rose.  A look at some of the comments on new sites reveals an ugly and often times racist rush to judge Davis guilty before anyone had ever looked at the evidence in his case.  This is scary stuff for those facing trials in challenging and difficult cases with

WDIV Legal Expert Commentary On Macomb County Jail Death (Video)

Macomb County Jail death: Woman jailed after not having $500 to pay court Jennifer Meyers dies serving 30-day sentence for being behind on child support MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – New details have emerged in the Defenders investigation of a woman who died while serving a 30-day sentence in the Macomb County Jail. Jennifer Meyers, 37, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for being behind on her child-support payments. The

The Dismissal, Part 2:

5 Years Of Aggressive Criminal Defense Leads To 2nd Dismissal

In 2011, our firm obtained an improbable dismissal (victory) in a case in which our client was wrongly charged with Operating While Intoxicated due to Controlled Substances.  During a stop, the police claimed to have used advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement (ARIDE) techniques to arrest our client for intoxicated or impaired driving.  Not so fast, we argued.  During our cross examination of the arresting officer we established that: the ARIDE

Matthew McConaughey to star as Rick Wershe’s father in ‘White Boy’ Rick movie

Matthew McConaughey to star as Rick Wershe’s father in ‘White Boy’ Rick movie DETROIT – Superstar actor Matthew McConaughey will star as Rick Wershe’s father in a movie about the story of “White Boy” Rick, Local 4 Defender Kevin Dietz has confirmed. Filming for the movie is scheduled to being in Detroit and Cleveland in March. Scott Franklin is producing the movie. He’s won awards for movies, including “Black Swan”

White Collar Criminal Defense – Update

Rockind Law and Neil Rockind Take on Federal Income Tax Fraud and Wire Fraud Case

On Thursday of this week, Rockind Law and Neil Rockind, criminal defense attorney and local television expert, entered an appearance in a federal case in which two (2) men were charged with participating in a scheme to defraud the government by engaging in tax fraud and wire fraud.  This white collar crime case is the sort that is typically prosecuted in the federal court system.  Both men were charged after

Mike Nichols, East Lansing Lawyer Praises Neil Rockind

Mike Nichols, one of  Michigan’s top criminal defense trial lawyers, heaped praise on Neil Rockind as Rockind and our office fights on behalf of Charles Warren in the vehicular death case, Michigan v Warren.  The case involves the tragic death of Trooper Chad Wolf.  Rockind has been fighting for Mr. Warren for well over a year, fighting what he says as a tragedy turned travesty with the criminalization of this

Reviewer says: “The Rockweiler is taking over”

I received this nice endorsement the other day.  He wrote that “the Rockweiler is taking over.”  Just wanted to let you know word on the street is you are nothing to mess with in the court room.  God forbid I ever do need your services I will find a way. You are the best of the best Mr. Rockind. Keep doing what you do and making sure the justice system

Confession Corner – Making Up Lies To Get Out Of An Elevator

I ran across a very interesting article on coerced confession on the website.  The post discussed the impact of confessions on juries, how difficult it is to get juries to disbelieve a false confession and a common analogy/hypothetical to prove the point.  In the hypothetical, they imagined people advised (falsely) that they were trapped in an overpacked elevator.  They then discussed how the riders came up with lies and

Oakland County trial attorney Richard Lustig dies (Press – Free Press)

Oakland County trial attorney Richard Lustig dies by Ann Zaniewski Oakland County trial lawyer Richard Lustig’s long list of notable clients included a man whose tip led the FBI to a horse farm to search for Jimmy Hoffa and defendants in famous federal drug cases. Mr. Lustig, 73, died Monday due to complications from a stroke. He lived on Cass Lake. Mr. Lustig for decades was a fixture in courtrooms

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