Supreme Court Denies ‘Making A Murderer’ Appeal | Aliya Rockind Weighs In

Aliya Rockind Shares Her Views About The Supreme Court's Refusal To Heard The Making A Murderer Case

On Monday, June 25th, Supreme Court decided not to take up Brendan Dassey’s case, who was made a star by Netflix’s popular documentary series “Making A Murderer”. I’ve watched the series twice actually, originally for pleasure and then again in my high school Forensic’s Science class. My teacher, Mrs. Fetsco, showed “Making A Murderer” once a week during class throughout the semester until we completed the series. The final for

Monday Monday Indeed – Dismissals, Victories, Etc!!!

Winning On A Monday

The Mama’s & Papa’s memorialized how many of us feel about Monday’s in their hit song, “Monday Monday”.  Rockind Law just experienced a different feeling on Monday, April 9, 2018:  we obtained a dismissal of an Operating While Intoxicated case, a victory in a Personal Protection Order case and got an application for leave to appeal granted in the Court of Appeals for a righteous medical marijuana patient.  Monday Monday Indeed!!  

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Rockind Law files an appeal when a prosecutors office and court refuse to dismiss a case where the marijuana was clearly unusable

Yesterday, Rockind Law attorneys Colin Daniels, Noel Erinjeri and Neil Rockind, along with our co-counsel, Randy Lewis, filed an appeal in the Michigan Court of Appeals that has the potential to further protect Michigan Medical Marijuana patients.  After a search of our client’s home, the police located a marijuana grow in the client’s basement and also marijuana buds that were clearly wet.  During a hearing, the police attempted to characterize

Protecting The Mentally Ill And Infirm — Our System Can Do Better

Observations while defending a mentally ill client

When I began the practice of law as a prosecutor, years ago, I encountered a case in which the alleged complainant was mentally ill.  He was not competent and had been determined so by several different courts.  I never forgot that case or that young man, how incapable he was of appearing in court, testifying, standing up for himself and navigating his way through the system.  I remember my visits

Let’s Take ARIDE With Colin Daniels

Several years ago, I participated in a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) class in Detroit, Michigan.  It was an incredible experience and one that I’ll never forget.  I learned just how easy it was for the government to manufacture a process to ensnare otherwise innocent people who were driving their cars but were not under the influence of alcohol.  The government, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has made

Top White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

White collar crime is a term often used to describe nonviolent, financial crimes. Sometimes the cases involve fraud, theft, wire and bank fraud, embezzlement, false pretenses, money laundering and identity theft/fraud.  In 2017, Neil Rockind was named a Top White Criminal Defense Lawyer by DBusiness Magazine.  This honor was extended to only a handful lawyer’s in the state and Rockind Law’s Neil Rockind was among them.  Want evidence that the

What Happened In The ATV Investigation In Detroit?

Should the Michigan State Police be disqualified in investigating the conduct of its own officers?

Will law enforcement members protect one another in an investigation of a fellow law enforcement officer?  That is an age old question and one that is currently being confronted in an investigation of a Detroit teen who was killed by a state police officer while riding an ATV.  As revealed by The Detroit News in its article of today, ATV Article in Detroit News, one of the issues that is being

Three Acquittals In A Short Period – Unparalled Results

It’s a huge accomplishment for any lawyer or law firm to obtain an acquittal for a client in a big case. To obtain two within months, I mean headline acquittals is almost unheard of but to obtain 3 within 3 months? I’ve heard of few if any law firms and lawyers who have pulled off that accomplishment.  Between May, 2017 and September, 2017 (3 months) Rockind Law and Neil Rockind

Judge to decide if there is enough evidence for Morrow to stand trial (Petoskey News)

Judge to decide if there is enough evidence for Morrow to stand trial GAYLORD — After a three-and-a-half hour preliminary hearing in 87th District Court Wednesday, Judge Michael Cooper is yet to determine if there is enough evidence for local marijuana dispensary operator Chad Morrow to stand trial. Morrow, 37, who owns Cloud 45, 2631 S. Otsego Ave., was arrested more than a year ago on charges of delivery or

Plan would force Detroit businesses to pay for Project Green Light security

Businesses open past 10 p.m. would be required to pay to join program DETROIT – Project Green Light has been a huge success in helping police monitor crime by putting high-definition security cameras in Detroit businesses. The project has grown exponentially over the past few years, but now there’s a plan in the works that would take it even further. A new ordinance would require any Detroit business open past