IMG_6894.PNGToday, Guy Gordon, afternoon host on WJR-760 AM, the voice of the Great Lakes, interviewed legal expert Neil Rockind, founder of Rockind Law, regarding the lawsuit between the State of Washington and President Trump.  Rockind has been a continuing critic of the travel ban and volunteered to defend people that were detained at Detroit-Metro Airport due to the ban.  Rockind has been a loud and repeated critic of the ban and volunteered to participate in the defense of people that were threatened with removal or barred from entry.

Despite Rockind’s personal opinion on the ban, Rockind offered a sober and honest analysis of the lawsuit and explained some weaknesses in the suit, e.g., standing to sue.  In all honesty, some who share Rockind’s opposition to the ban may be disappointed when they listen to the interview.  Rockind, a legal analyst for local television, radio and print news media, always calls “them straight” and despite his personal feelings, did so here too.  Listen to the interview and learn about some of the concerns that Rockind has with the Washington lawsuit.

Neil Rockind on the Guy Gordon Show (Audio)