Don’t you want the lawyer that the media turns to for expert opinions and commentary? Neil Rockind of Rockind Law is that lawyer.

The media plays an ever expanding role in today’s society. News specials, programs and shows focus more than ever on criminal law, criminal issues and pending legal cases. When the media require input from attorneys for those shows or programs, it turns to only a select few lawyers and Neil Rockind, the founder of Rockind Law, is one of those lawyers. For years. Neil Rockind appeared as a guest contributor or legal commentator on local television stations and in local periodicals and newspapers. Publishers, editors and reporters turned to Neil Rockind for his opinion on legal and other matters. For a period, Neil Rockind even hosted his own radio show called The Neil Rockind Show with executive producer, Doug Gondek, the former producer of Geoffrey Fieger’s Fieger Time radio show. Neil Rockind was a frequent guest on the Fox 2 news program, Let It Rip, typically occupying the chair at the end, opposite host Huel Perkins, sandwiching other guests between he and Charlie Langton, the Fox 2 legal expert. As of late, Neil Rockind can be found regularly on WDIV-TV (NBC), otherwise known as Channel 4-Detroit, as that station’s legal expert. Neil Rockind is called upon to offer legal opinions on matters ranging from civil cases involving high profile personalities, e.g., the deposition of General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, or participating in stories with members of the WDIV Defenders on white collar crime, drug cases, assaults, robberies, fraud and the Kwame Kilpatrick case.

In addition to television appearances, Neil Rockind offers commentary and input on important legal issues to newspaper and magazine reporters and to local talk radio show hosts as well. Legal trade publications, e.g., The Legal News and Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly, have sought out Neil Rockind’s opinion on legal issues and cases. Those appearances will be posted here on this site.

Additionally, from time to time, Rockind Law issues press releases on important legal subjects, cases, awards and developments. Those press releases can be viewed here on this website.

Neil Rockind and Colin Daniels also participate in a variety of seminars, presentations and conferences. Neil Rockind has been a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars in and around the metropolitan Detroit area. These too can be found in this section of the website.