Neil Rockind commenting on his style and approach:

“We’re going to let our courtroom conduct and strategy do the talking for us,” he said. “I’m going to be me, which is usually pretty effective.”

“I hear lawyers say to others, ‘don’t take it personally’ or ‘it is not personal.’  Those lawyers don’t understand the practice of criminal law then because it is entirely personal.  The police, prosecutor’s and government are not after my client’s insurance company.  No, the government is after my client … after them.  It doesn’t get any more personal than that.  This is not a polite back and forth … This is war.”

“Neil Rockind is top notch.”
-Amish Parikh, director of My Compassion

“I will go on record, you are one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the state.”
-George B., a political activist and former candidate for public office

“You’re a god amongst lawyers sir.”
-K.W., client

“Yours was the best presentation of the entire criminal defense lawyers conference.  It changed the way I practice law.”
-D.R., attorney

“Best in the biz”
-Seth Hoffman

“Once in a while you meet a lawyer touched by the hand of G-d.  Neil Rockind is one of those lawyers.”

-B.O., fellow attorney

“Knowledge Is Power”. Mastering that with the underestimated power of language is a deadlier for than a nuclear weapon. Neil Rockind got it.
-Steve Greene, host of the Full Tilt Radio Show on Rockind’s mastering of science to win cases.

“Rockind’s cross examination was … ‘surgical'”.
-Observer at OWI – 3rd Offense Trial resulting in an acquittal

“I love your passion.”
-Unknown individual in court after watching Colin Daniels argue with both a chief of police and a probation officer about his client.

“Neil Rockind in my opinion is the “best of the best.” Rattling a cop is only one of his many surgical knives.”
-Amish Parikh, My Compassion

“I have known Neil for 35+ years.  He is one of the best.”
-Adam Brook, host of Hash Bash

“…you represented a client in the Flint area for for a narcotic investigation I conducted. I was very impressed with your defense and professionalism…. I often tell stories of ‘the best defense attorney I’ve ever been against'”
-Detective W/Local Narcotics Group

“The best in the business.”
-Danielle Snody

“The best lawyer in the D.  You should hire him.”
-Ashley Russell, girl about town

“Watched a little of your hearing….your client is right and the best part is I can tell you’re having fun!”
-Attorney Michael Nichols, upon hearing that a client called Neil Rockind a “courtroom masterpiece”, agreeing with the client’s assessment and opinion of Neil Rockind.

Anyone who doubts the Rockind Phenomena is sadly and deeply uninformed. Never Doubt Neil Rockind. I’m talking to you prosecutors.”
-Bryan Dailey, attorney and host of The Law Show, commenting on an improbably acquittal that Rockind secured for a client

It was classic. You brought it in perfectly. I was so busy watching you and the officer I didn’t notice if the jury was alert.”
-Michael Hohauser, attorney describing Neil Rockind’s cross examination of a police officer

“Neil’s voir dire was perfect …. perfect.”
-Sam Gunn, attorney watching Neil Rockind conduct void dire in a trial

“Speaking as an old war horse with 41 years of practicing law at every level all over the country I would like to say I had the sincere pleasure of observing Neil Rockind in trial all day today. The law is in good hands with people like Neil doing their job. Many years of success, health and happiness to you my young friend. You are a light to our system of law.
-Michael Hohauser, attorney (after watching Neil Rockind in a jury trial)

“Congratulations on  being named Lawyer’s Weekly’s Class of 2015 ‘Leaders in the Law.’  The award is well deserved and a testament to your commitment to our profession.  Keep up the great work.”
Hon. Julie Nicholson, Chief Judge of the 52-3 District Court.

“That was, as are most, a really great read and eye opener. I love your blogs…and trial transcripts. Wish there were more humans like you, that aren’t always in it for the money or fame, just for doing what is right and holding those accountable who don’t properly do their job.”

Jim Christopher, a fan of Rockind Law

“You are the best in town.”
– Suzanne Lossia, Reality TV Star

Greatest criminal defense attorney in Michigan…..hands down.”
Michael Rowady, local attorney

A leader in the law.”
Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly

Detroit Legal News

“My money is on … Neil Rockind in front of a jury  I’ve seen Neil in action. Case closed.”
Oakland Press Reader

“[Colin Daniels] is a Rising Star.”
Super Lawyers Magazine

“One of the top criminal defense lawyers in the state.”
Huel Perkins, Fox 2 Detroit Anchor

“I have never seen a lawyer work so hard and spend so much time preparing for trial, and while in trial.”
James Burdick, local attorney

Benchmark attorney.
Adam Helfman, talk show host and radio personality

“His nickname is ‘The Rockweiler.‘”
Tracy Wilson, reporter, Oakland Press
– Robin Schwartz, reporter, The Jewish News

“Neil isn’t shy about conveying his prowess in the courtroom but he can back it up.”
David Gorcyca, former prosecutor

Attorney to the stars.”
Jay Tower, radio personality

David Zeman, Oakland Press reporter describing Rockind and Fieger facing off in a court of law

“Smooth and savvy with fluid presentations who has shown a penchant for winning by racking up victory after victory.”
Tracy Wilson, reporter

“Neil Rockind (nicknamed ‘The Rockweiler’) … who made his name as one of the most effective criminal defense lawyers in the state.”
Luke Bergman, author of the novel, Getting Ghost

“One of Michigan’s most prominent attorneys.”
Alberto Rodriguez,

Son of Fieger.
Jack Lessenberry, columnist, in a profile piece describing Rockind’s courtroom style

“Neil Rockind is simply one of the best attorneys in the field. He is bright, well prepared, respected and does an outstanding job for his clients. He is the kind of attorney you want by your side when the chips are down.”
Joseph Lavigne, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have had the invaluable opportunity to work for and with Mr. Rockind. He is by far, the best criminal defense attorney I have ever seen both in and outside of the courtroom. His level of compassion for his clients and dedication to his work is unparalleled. The outcomes he is able to secure for his clients are a product of experience, preparation, and excellent trial skills. I would highly recommend him to any person seeking representation.”
Cassi Baumgardner, criminal defense attorney

“Someone said, “Rockind rocks.” It’s true. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Neil for several years. He works hard, he studies the law and the facts and he works like hell for his clients. I endorse this lawyer.”
Michael Nichols, DUI/DWI attorney

“I am an appellate attorney. Normally, I am representing the losing defendant trying to overturn an unjust conviction. Quite often it is because the attorney made a mistake or neglected something. I’ve done six appeals from Neil Rockind cases. In five of the six cases I am fighting prosecution appeals because Neil won and the prosecutor was a sore loser. In the remaining case he lost (as did every other attorney I know who was running the issue), but today the Court of Appeals ruled that argument that trial judges were buying was legally incorrect. I fully anticipate overturning his one loss by the end of the year.”
Stuart Friedman, appeals lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer. In 1993, I predicted that this feisty new attorney would make his mark in the legal community. My prediction has come true. Not only has Neil mastered courtroom defense, he has become a well-rounded family man, whose work ethic and family values are beyond question.”
David Rosenberg, criminal defense attorney

“I have had the unique opportunity to work for this lawyer as an associate at his firm and later work with him in representing co-defendants. One thing that has always been consistent is that he is undoubtedly one of the best criminal defense attorneys I have ever seen. He sets himself apart from the rest by fighting every single case that walks through the door. Neil’s courtroom style makes him unforgettable. Combine that with his intelligence and experience, and he is untouchable in the courtroom. He has taken cases that I have thought there would be no way of winning and the cases were dismissed before even getting to trial. His tireless preparation and hard work pays off for each and every client. He’s dedicated to the fight and doesn’t give up, qualities that every defendant should want in their attorney.”
Channelle Kizy-White, family law attorney

“Neil Rockind is the hardest-working and finest criminal defense lawyer in Michigan. His trial skills are second-to-none and there is no other attorney who fights as hard as he does for his clients. His passion, combined with his experience and suave in the courtroom, makes Neil the premier criminal defense attorney in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties and throughout Michigan.”
Colin Daniels, criminal defense attorney (associate at Rockind Law)

“I endorse this lawyer. We tried a horribly complex case together — five defendants, six lawyers, two juries — and he was brilliant. He was the only lawyer of all of us to achieve total victory: acquittal on both counts. Most others were convicted of all counts, my client of one only of those charged, but Neil Rockind’s client walked out of court a free man despite evidence and two prosecutors’ one sometimes using questionable tactics. In 42 years as a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I have never seen a lawyer work so hard and spend so much time preparing for trial, and while in trial, as Neil Rockind.”
James Burdick, Health Care Lawyer