“You are the best.”
Chris Anthony

 “Neil Rockind is the best lawyer I ever seen. Man is worth it every penny.”
Esko Krijestorac

“I was on probation with district and circuit court. I’m a single mother of twins with many health issues. Doing the best I can complying with both court probation requirements, I needed help and relief. Neil was sympathetic to my situation and had my obligations for probation and the time remaining of my probation discharged and best of all my case was dismissed in district court and will not show up on my record! Neil my children and me really appreciate everything you have done and will NEVER forget how you have helped me realize that there are blessed people like you who truly care and help others in need.”

“You’re the best.”

“I’m the most straight laced person on the planet who was innocently and accidentally in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was arrested and abused by the police and charged with an act I did not commit along with my 18 year old son. I knew Neil from coaching community sports together so I called him. It was like he dropped everything to see me through this awful time. Neil assured us from the beginning that this would all work out and that he would be by our side the whole time. In the end, all charges were dropped without ever having to step into a court room. He was fierce in the defense of our innocence and took it personally like it was happening to his own family member…and this was for someone that will most likely never need his services again. Neil was everything right about our legal system.  He is “24/7 friend/advisor/lawyer.”

“Trust me, you don’t want your first trial to be against Neil Rockind.”

“Mr. Rockind provided the support needed and gave us realistic scenarios of what could occur with our son’s serious criminal case. He provided excellent referrals and invaluable expertise throughout the entire process. When faced with devastating circumstances in a situation where we had no knowledge of what to do, Mr. Rockind and his staff were there for our family. We are extremely pleased with the outcome, probation and limitations rather than jail or prison. Thanks to Mr. Rockind, our son is alive and has a second chance.”
Father of client

“You never gave up on me, and that played an integral part in saving my life. I am forever grateful.”

“My brother was falsely accused of a very serious crime. He was arrested and charged based on an identification from a photo line-up. Mr. Rockind took the case, and while in the court room politely suggested to the judge that a recess be taken, so the judge could go read a little in his library in order to understand what he needed to do (he basically told the judge that he was clueless and needed to study). After the recess, Mr Rockind got the lead detective to admit while on the stand that his testimony was unreliable. He then got the first “victim” to admit that she picked the person who the detectives told her to pick, and then got the second victim to say without a doubt that my brother was NOT the person who confronted them. He was relentless with his questions for the detective, and because of that, the trial case was dropped with the judge highly upset at the prosecutor and detective. My brother was also saved from a very long sentence due to Mr Rockind. Because of him, our family was able to take breath of fresh air.”
Sister of client

“… even when standing next to other experienced lawyers, Neil was heads and shoulders better.  It was like watching a lawyer on television.”

“Best in the business.”
Ashley R.

“Neil is the best lawyer around no one will put the amount of effort into your case that he will. I interviewed a few attorneys in the area before I chose Neil. Out of the attorneys I interviewed no one gave me the sense of confidence that he did. I knew that to give my self the best shot at beating my case Neil was the lawyer I needed to hire. Neil was fair and up front about the fees he charged he told me from day one what would be all costs up to trial and what the costs would be if it had to go to trial. My case went to trial it was a DUI accusation in the hardest court in Michigan and we won. Not guilty!!! Neil was the smartest person in the court room. He outspoke everyone and gave the jury a real sense of confidence that they could believe what he was presenting them. Neil works non stop in the court room taking notes and making sure he has not missed anything to help your defense. I would not feel confident recommending any other lawyer to anyone other than Neil Rockind. He is hands down the best lawyer I know!!”

“Neil Rockind is the best criminal defense attorney that you can get. I’ve seen him pull a rabbit out of his hat for me on several occasions. I was caught up in a bind, not making the best choices at that time and The Rock really came through for me no matter how hard I tried to screw it up. A lot of lawyers would’ve turned their backs on me when I was acting up and hurting my own case. He saw me through it all and basically saved my life. Thanks Neil. You were paramount in me turning it all around.”

“Results should be his real name.”

“He was fierce in the defense of our innocence and took it personally like it was happening to his own family member.”

“You are so deserving of your recent “Leaders in the Law” award …. The work you did with [the boys] was life altering. We are all proud to have met you and been blessed by your passion for helping others. You are a true gentlemen and it must feel great to be recognized by your peers as a “Leader”. What a fulfilling accomplishment! Congratulations!  You’re the best and thank you for everything you did.”
Father of a witness and friend of client 

“The Harvey Spector of Detroit!!!”

“I feel so fortunate. You are a blessing to my family Neil!!”
Kelly P.

“Thank you so much for doing an amazing job with my fiancé case!! You are the best! Can’t thank you enough:)”
Samantha Walker

“Neil, Thank you for doing such a superb job in representing our case.”
Laura Walker

“Neil. I’m sure you’ve heard this before from others, however I wanted to express my appreciation for Jen. In my opinion she is the person in the shadows. Always there to help in any way she can. Anytime I’ve sent an email to her she has responded almost immediately answering my concerns. As you are in the top 1% of your field, Jennifer is in the top 1% of paralegals. You have put together an incredible team Neil. Doesn’t matter what the outcome is there is never a doubt in our minds and hearts that everything,every scenario was considered and looked at, no stone was left unturned. God bless Thank you.”
Client about the Rockind Law Team, including Jen Mellas, paralegal

“Neil is the single greatest attorney that I ever met. Neil cares and that is what separates him from the rest.  It’s not about collecting a f ee and doing as little work as possible … He stands up for his clients … EVERY … SINGLE … STEP OF THE WAY…. Take my word for it, when you want an attorney that will aggressively fight for you or your family member and  treat your life and freedom as it it is his own…HIRE Neil Rockind!!!! I personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”
David R.