It’s a huge accomplishment for any lawyer or law firm to obtain an acquittal for a client in a big case. To obtain two within months, I mean headline acquittals is almost unheard of but to obtain 3 within 3 months? I’ve heard of few if any law firms and lawyers who have pulled off that accomplishment.  Between May, 2017 and September, 2017 (3 months) Rockind Law and Neil Rockind accomplished that very feat. 

In May, 2017: Rockind obtained an acquittal in the highest profile and most televised trial in recent memory, the case involving the death of Trooper Chad Wolf. That acquittal took the general public by surprise.  To those that watched the trial or watched it on television, knew that an acquittal was the correct verdict but to the public, those uninformed about the facts of the case, they wanted our client convicted and locked up.  

The outcome: Not Guilty.

In August, 2017: We tried a false allegation of child neglect case.  Neil Rockind tried the case and obtained a dismissal and acquittal within minutes of the conclusion of the trial.  

In September, 2017: We tried a white collar embezzlement/fraud trial in which our client was accused of stealing via fraud $280,000 worth of parts from a dealership.  The employees and owners of the company testified against our client. One by one, we revealed the witnesses lack of credibility.  Observers relayed their opinions to other interested persons that they didn’t believe any of the state’s witness’s.   In the end, the jury acquitted — a verdict that made the headlines again because of the infrequency with which the prosecutor’s office loses cases. 

In the end, we pulled off a hat trick: three acquittals in approximately 3 months.  Few if any lawyer’s can pull that that off . … Rockind Law and Neil Rockind can and did.  Those that watched the trials commented that watching Rockind in trial was like “watching a movie”,  “watching a once in a generation lawyer”, “observing a master at work”, etc.   

All lawyers are not the same. Rockind and Rockind Law are unique.  You can’t afford to not contact us about a criminal case. Call us at 2482083800.