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DUI Lawyer Oakland County MI


The law firm of Neil Rockind has successfully represented hundreds of DUI cases in Oakland County MI. The county prosecutors understand all too well that my clients can afford to go to trial and tie up the court's time and resources.

Most lawyers will not and often can not go to trial because they accept clients that simply cannot afford a trial. Typical lawyers will charge $2500 - $4500 to handle a DUI case. Most prosecutors are familiar with these lawyers and know there is no real threat of a trial that would tie up the court's docket. Prosecutors will often push back hard on these lawyers for a non-favorable outcome.

During pretrial negotiations, I will demand a favorable outcome for my client. In the event the prosecution does not deliver this outcome, then I will take the case to trial and I intend to win. Previously, I've accepted clients that could not afford a DUI trial and it forced me to take non-favorable pleas for my client. Today all of my clients have high assets and can afford to trial if and when it is necessary.

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