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A major component of my strategy is the fact that my clients can afford to go to trial or I would not be taking their case. But most of all, if I don't get what I want, I fight with ample financial resources to tie up, out strategize, and overwhelm any prosecution.

To be clear, I will typically charge two to three times what most criminal lawyers charge in Michigan. I defend educated, high asset, hard working people that are remorseful, and ready to move on to never committing a crime again - people that have learned a valuable lesson. Most prosecutors understand this all too well.

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Fewer Clients - Better Results

In no way do I want to be known as the lawyer that defends career criminals. Prosecutors and Judges can see that I am bringing forth a good citizen that made a single mistake and will most likely never be seen by the courts again. I take on fewer cases and my fees are much higher than typical criminal Lawyers. A simple formula of quality over quantity.

Of course if we can not get what we want out of the prosecution, then we fight. Most prosecutors in Michigan understand that I will go to trial with any client I have and that all my clients have the financial resources to tie up the courts in trial or I would not be representing them.

My career began like few other lawyers when I was working as a young prosecutor in what became one the nations most famous cases, the prosecution of Dr. Jack Kevorkian AKA Doctor Death -The Suicide Doctor, going back almost 20 years.

- Neil Rockind

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