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Rockind Law only handles high asset client criminal matters. Our fee structure is much higher than typical criminal lawyers in Oakland County. We excel in handling high priority cases and those involving high asset persons. In many scenarios we will be double or triple the fees of a less qualified, or younger lawyer.

Basic first time DUI or OUI defenses start at $7,000 and increases from there. Many criminal lawyers may offer such a service at $3,500, however, you can expect to see far better results when your attorney actually has time to win your case because he or she is not overloaded. Most other lawyers take in as many clients as possible, and will typically have little time or resources to get the outcome wanted from the client.

In most situations, we require an initial payment to take your case. Typically, this amount will be $5,000 or greater depending on the situation. We have no payment plans. When you hire me, it will be me handling your case. You will not be pushed off to another lawyer because I am so overworked. I long ago decided on quality over quantity in my legal career, and my clients are happy with this decision.

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