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Oakland County Criminal Law


Our law firm is designed for high asset clients that are not continual repeat offenders. When I take my client in the courtroom, the judges and prosecutors understand that my clients are hard working successful people that made a mistake.

Rockind Law handles criminal law cases in Oakland County and throughout the state for high priority cases. Every component of our law firm is dedicated to fighting back hard if we don’t get the plea we desire. In Oakland County you will need a very aggressive defense because the Prosecutor can be quite relentless and will often overcharge you and many other innocent persons.

If you have made a bad decision and you are remorseful, we can usually find a way to avoid jail time. Most of my clients are good, hardworking persons that had a lapse in judgement and made a bad decision. My clients are needed by society and respected by their peers. We all make mistakes, and those that don't make many deserve leniency. One bad decision should not ruin your life forever.

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