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The Career of Neil Rockind

In the Beginning

I began my career as an assistant prosecuting attorney in the Oakland County prosecutor’s office, one of the toughest in the country. I served as an assistant prosecutor from 93-97 handling hundreds of criminal cases, many of which resulted in jury trials.

I quickly became a special prosecutor, a coveted role given to prosecutors who were specifically assigned to handle complex and high profile cases. Some of my notable cases: People v Horton (the prosecution of a pastor charged with taking clandestine videotapes of his parishioners in the bathrooms of his church) and People v Mayhew (a groundbreaking vehicular homicide case). I also prosecuted high level drug dealers, including one of the few cases resulting from an Oakland County Citizen’s Grand Jury indictment. And of course my most famous prosecution was that of Dr. Jack Kevorkian AKA Doctor Death - the Suicide Doctor, one of the nations most publicized cases.

In 1997, I changed direction and pursued a career as a criminal defense lawyer, quickly establishing a reputation in private practice as the go-to attorney for difficult, high profile cases.

I represent clients in matters ranging from drunk driving to complex federal cases. Some cases I represent are relatively quiet, while others, such as the infamous “Basketbrawl” (Piston v Pacer) assault case at the Palace of Auburn Hills where my client obtained the only dismissal.

High Profile Cases

I handled People v Kevorkian (the prosecution of famed assisted suicide advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian)

I represented Kimberly Mathers, the former wife of rapper/actor, Marshall Mathers, a/k/a Eminem.

I was one of the lead attorneys defending famed personal injury attorney Geoffrey Fieger, in an investigation brought by the Michigan Attorney General.

“Basketbrawl” (Piston vs Pacer) assault case at the Palace of Auburn Hills where Rockind obtained the only dismissal.

WDIV-TV (NBC) legal expert commenting on high profile legal issues and cases.

The dismissal of the man accused of killing trooper Chad Wolf

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