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The Plain Truth

Protecting Your Freedom

What you are about to embark upon is most often very embarrassing. You will feel many emotions that will make you feel confined and cornered. There is no easy solution to the matter at hand. The process is about restoring your stature and getting your life back on track.

We can do this and the process starts now. Along the way there will be decisions we must make together. Decisions that I have guided so many others through with great success. People in your life may shun you and even turn away from you during this time. I am sure that with time and a proper outcome that many of these relationships can be mended, but it is not an easy path. It will take courage and strength, both of which I have if your are light on either.

We have no way of knowing what your outcome will be, however we can do the very best to make it as least damaging as possible, either through negotiations or by trial. We will look at all the facts and possible outcomes together, to give the best options possible as we get through this challenge. I will do everything possible and use every skill I have as we maintain your life and protect your freedom.


Neil Rockind | Rockind Law

36400 Woodward Ave. Suite 210
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304